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This page is dedicated to daily teaching tips and advice for teachers. LessonSource also have a short ebook available for kindle “Top 40 tips”. Teaching is difficult; teaching in the UK, perhaps even more so. This short book contains 40 succinct and usable teaching tips which are easy to put into your practice. From classroom layout to break duty, this handy little read has it all. Handy for lunchtime entertainment, useful for making learning great.

Our advice

Please email us with your own Top Teaching Tips, or if you want some specific advice, just let us know and we will build it into our daily Top Teaching Tips. If you like our work, please share this page using the share buttons at the top right of this page.

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I recently read an article which, in summary, was advising teachers not to praise. I was mortified- No rewards? Don’t overdo the rewards Don’t  . . .
Marking is the new big thing. It’s all about building the learning dialogue between the student and teacher. This is how we need to evidence that  . . .
learning names
Learning names
Learning the names of all of your your students is really important for good behaviour management. It will show your students that you are on the ball and  . . .
Make time in your day for your mind and body to engage in a recovery activity – or you really will crash and burn! Make a commitment to yourself to  . . .
Use timing to control your class movements, maintain pace and focus. Use a count down clock with a sound prompt as the action to manage the time for a  . . .
ground rules
Ground rules
Setting ground rules for work presentation When you get a new teaching group or a new student into your group, it’s well worth going over the basics which  . . .
Model the way
Model the way
When it comes to knowing how to model the way, we all probably know we should do,  but does it always happen? It isn’t as easy to do as you would hope.  . . .
Going Green
Going green
Consider going green to lessen student uneasiness about losing levels (or points, whichever you are using!), get going green with your pen! Mark their  . . .
Take five minutes at the end of each class to ask students to summarise and review the work covered in the lesson and the ideas that student have come up  . . .
WAGGOL What a good one looks like
Giving examples of what is expected is a part of modelling the way but this step can be tricky- you want your students to produce great work but you want  . . .
Y11 objectives
Y11 objectives
  You still need to set Y11 objectives and when students reach the last year of their GCSEs and are focusing on coursework deadlines, students can end up  . . .
detention ideas
Detention ideas
Are you stuck for detention ideas? Try these ideas to help sanction your students but also help your work life balance or even help them to memorise a few  . . .
Make meetings productive
Make meetings productive
How to keep meetings productive and concise While not all of the advice can always be followed, given the nature of meetings, I have always found these  . . .
Reward ideas
Reward ideas
We all respond well to rewards. Sometimes, with the pressures of a lesson and the tight time frames involved, it can be really hard to remember to do this.  . . .
assembly ideas
Assembly ideas
Assemblies are a great way to send out messages to staff and students. Make sure your assembly ideas use the time to highlight a prominent issue in the  . . .
Challenge all of your students, no matter their ability. Create tasks that vary in difficulty. Once students have been taught the concept of what the  . . .
Hopefully you are fortunate enough to be able to set your own detentions (this is always my preference as students will associate their penance with you  . . .
Break duty teaching tips and advice
Break duty
At times, break duty can really feel as if it gets in the way of your work, but remember, teaching is more than just being there to deliver a class. As a  . . .

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