"A quick and easy way to improve independent learning in your classroom. "

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See 3 before me

A quick and easy way to improve independent learning in your classroom. Put up a few display posters around the classroom which state “See 3 before me”. A way of encouraging students to try and problem solve before going straight to the teacher for advice.

Prepare your classes

Spend a little time introducing the concept to your students. Discuss which other sources of information they could use.

Possible 3 before me ideas
  • Look back at their notes
  • Check the lesson help/ work sheets if provided
  • Look at the board
  • Use classroom display
  • Take a few moments to think the problem through themselves – perhaps present an idea to the teacher, alongside their question
  • Ask a classmate, possibly more than one
  • Look it up in a text book
  • Google it (if appropriate)

Try to incorporate some of the above into a display piece titled “See 3 before me”. It also helps to have a few display boards dedicated to common questions, or full of examples of work.

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