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Katharine Otter

“An energetic, motivated and ambitious professional. Committed to the success and achievement of children across the whole school and to the development of both staff and students. Proven track record of successful leadership. A visible and vigilant leader through modelling and by example. Believes that children deserve the best education”


I started LessonSource because too often, chance, luck and coincidence can be the make or break of a great education. All too guilty myself of arranging lesson cover due to a meeting, then the following week a trip, then something else and suddenly a month can go by and one of my classes hasn’t had the experience I had wanted them to have. With more time of course, I could have prepared some great resources, a detailed teacher presentation and notes and some great worksheets so the lessons could have continued just as well in my absence. In today’s teaching world, there is never enough time – but our children’s education is too precious and this should not be an excuse. Lesson bundles provided by LessonSource ensure no matter what, children will get a great lesson. Of course, the added bonus is that teachers also get back a whole load of time because all lessons and materials are provided, ready and waiting to be used.

With over 10 years of teaching experience with 4 at senior leadership level, I am all too familiar with the time and energy that goes into preparing lessons. Every teacher does this and I had always thought there must surely be a better way. LessonSource prepare high quality lesson bundles. The whole package; teacher presentation, interactive resources, worksheets, support cards, everything. It’s thoroughly planned out for the whole year, so when you subscribe to a bundle you get 39 lessons of high quality content.

If you have any queries, please email me at otter.k@lessonsource.co.uk


0114 360 6006

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