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Great lessons need great resources. Preparing resources takes hours. LessonSource provide great lessons ready for you to deliver 

We provide KS3 SMSC and PSHE curriculum bundles for a growing range of subjects, currently specialising in SMSC, British values and PSHE lessons. LessonSource also provide a full year of Assembly ideas along with all of the assembly content and resources, which all also cover citizenship and British values. The Department for Education advise that “Maintained schools have obligations under section 78 of the Education Act (2002) which requires schools, as part of a broad and balanced curriculum, to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society”. Each of our bundles contains a full year of teaching content. By subscribing to our bundles, you can be sure that your SMSC and PSHE curriculum will cover all aspects of government guidance and will provide high quality SMSC development experiences, including British values. Not only that, the lessons will be enjoyable and productive for both teacher and student. Choose from SMSC or PSHE curriculum lesson bundles or whole school assembly ideas planned out and fully resourced for the full year.


  • Tailored to needs of UK Key Stage 3 students (11-14 yrs)
  • Contains high quality slideshows with video and audio
  • Contains Interactive learning activities for students
  • Includes differentiated support and activity resources
  • Checks progress and knowledge though regular review
  • Clear opportunities for assessment and feedback
  • Contains 39 lessons – a full year of teaching content
  • Saves infinite hours of planning and preparation


  • Promote British values and SMSC in line with Ofsted
  • Confidence your students will get a great lesson, every time
  • If you are absent, classes can continue where you left off
  • Save infinite hours of planning and preparation time
  • Differentiated resources and activities for mixed ability groups
  • Lessons reviewed and updated in line with government initiatives

All content is regularly reviewed, improved and developed in line with Ofsted and government priorities and guidance. We’re always working hard behind the scenes developing new content; we’re not limited to SMSC and PSHE lessons, so let us know if there is a particular lesson or resources that you would like to see. Or you can subscribe to our weekly educational newsletter which will keep you up-to-date with government policy, guidance and keep you informed with any product changes.

SMSC, PSHE Lessons and Assemblies

LessonSource provide all the content you need to effectively deliver your curriculum to your students. Choose from SMSC or PSHE lessons or Whole school assemblies. Each bundles is full of relevant content including work to support the government prevent agenda and promote British Values. Everything is updated throughout the year.

We stay up to date with government guidance and modify bundles appropriately to make sure that students receive the best experience of education. Lessons are engaging and fun. Most importantly, lessons are built around a structure to ensure learning is effective. Each lesson has an engaging starting activity, which encourages students to think and prepares them for the context of the lesson. New information is presented in a variety of different ways, then students are given time to process the new information and apply their knowledge though a range of differentiated learning activities. Activities vary from independent to small group work and are presented in a way to appeal to a range of learning types.


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