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LessonSource Education updates

Each teaching week LessonSource publish an education update about a relevant issue- whether it is a topic taken from the news, or from an education governing body. If it is of importance, we’ll cover it. At times, we even publish our responses from a question we have been asked. Contact us to have your questions answered.

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Staying up-to-date

We believe that staying up to date with changes in Education is important for successful teaching or leadership within education at every level. The workload for teaching staff is only growing and reading every publication is pretty impossible. Sign up to LessonSource education updates (at the bottom of the page) to stay informed around important education issues and receive succinct weekly teaching tips.

Academy chains
Academy chain?
A major innovation in education has been the growth of the academy chains. An academy chain is a charity that heads up several schools, or academies. While  . . .

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